Florecast is a print-based, limited edition publication, documenting skateboarding through non-digital photography.

The whole idea behind the publication and its format is to act as a canvas to showcase and reward the work of skateboard photographers who still find the time, effort and cash to work with film as a medium.

In no way am I an advocate of film over digital or vice-versa, as both mediums have their advantages and disadvantages. However, the fact that the featured works have been shot in a way where you can’t instantly check to see if you’ve got the right frame, whether a flash misfired, or if the lighting’s right until you’ve got your negatives or prints back from the lab, is something to be marvelled at and celebrated in my opinion.

So why Florecast? Well the name came from a friend of mine whom I called up one dull morning after a night of rain. Asking whether he wanted to go skating, he said he’d just go and check the “weather florecast”. Slightly confused, I asked what he meant, and it was basically the act of looking out of your window at a patch of concrete or pavement outside your house, and if it’s dry, then experience says so are the street spots - and therefore skating is on. I think we’ve all used this technique, only gained from the experience of different weather conditions and types of surfaces.


The fact that we take into account the most mundane of tiny details, only gained through trial and error sets us apart from other participants of sports. These attributes are also necessary in photography, taking into account every detail, learning from experience what works, and seeing the beauty in what some may see as just another piece of bland urban landscape.


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